Social TrackeR Bot

Create an automated system that tracks a user's daily growth on various social media platforms.




Personal Project


May 2020




Many companies and individuals that use social media prioritize follower growth as a metric to determine their reach to potential customers or fans. Many social media platforms have their own tools to visualize growth metrics, but there are few tools to analyze growth on all platforms.

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  • Include many popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch

  • Automatically collect follower count data each day

  • Return graphed growth metrics to drive content selection


Product To Date

SocialTracker has been developed as a Discord bot written in JavaScript and runs by utilizing a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Virtual Machine (VM) and a SQL Database. Each server SocialTracker is in may add 1 account per social media platform. Each day, the VM calls the YouTube and Twitch APIs to populate the database with each user's corresponding social platform follower count. 


GCP SQL Database

In response to user commands, SocialTracker plots this data using Plotly and responds with follower graphs. Currently, two commands, Overall & Change, yield responses of overall growth and change in followers per day.


Overall Follower Growth


Overall Follower Change


Future Work

Developing SocialTracker was the first time I successfully deployed a project using GCP and Plotly, calling APIs, and working with SQL databases. This project, although not complete, gave me the opportunity to learn all of these topics and expand my knowledge base.

Although I have taken down the GCP server SocialTracker was running to move onto other projects, the code persists on GitHub. Please visit the repository if you have any interest in viewing my code, linked in the overview section above.

If I were to return to this project, I would implement trending to predict future social media growth, ROI tools to input investments into particular growth methods and output the effective growth in followers, and access level configuration to ensure only desired users can adjust settings and view results.