Upcycled Desk Organizer

This product was created to reduce waste produced while shipping gifts by creating packaging with a second use case to allow consumers to upcycle it once the gift is opened.


- Student

- Designer




Iterative Product Prototyping


Sept. 2019


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the amount of general waste production increases by 25% during the holiday season each year. This amounts to 1 million tons increase in trash per week or 5 million extra tons of trash produced between Thanksgiving and New Years. 



Design a gift package that suggests a secondary use as a form of upcycling in material or symbolic value with the following constraints:

  • No part of the packaging goes to waste.

  • Not allowed to use existing/found containers and designs.

  • The upcycled result must coincide with the originally packaged product.

  • Must use laser cutting. 



The first idea I generated was a carpet box that doubles as a coffee table. This would not only reduce the amount of waste generated by shipping large carpets in cardboard boxes, but also would save the consumer money when redecorating a space for the first time. This design's largest drawback was its large size, which could not be laser cut within the university's allotted laser cutting time.

Spinning off of this idea, I decided to create a smaller box that would fit within my allotted laser cutting time and instead would house a notebook or planner. The second life of the packaging was, therefore, a desk organizer which allows users to keep an organized desk while organizing their time 

User Persona

George Nelson-2.png

Final Product

The Upcycled Desk Organizer gives product packaging a new life by doubling as a desk organizer. Organize your time on your newly organized desk! Easy assembly, no tools required.