Drivetrain evaluation

Evaluate five potential drivetrain changes to reduce system noise.


Mechanical Engineering Co-Op


Hydrow Hardware



Hydrow, Inc.


Jan. 2020



  • Must consider short & long term solutions

  • Must reduce noise by reducing decibels and improving sound quality

  • Drivetrain must not slip when a high impulse is applied



I used online resources such as drivetrain design manuals to determine possible drivetrain modifications that would reduce audible noise during a stoke of the Hydrow. I also coordinated with belt suppliers and our manufacturing partners to determine the best path forward in the short & long term. Potential solutions included a reduction in manufacturing variances and changes in belt supplier, belt coating, and belt type. 



Testing was performed on all changes prior to implementation determine their overall effect on system noise including decibels produced and sound quality.

Belt 1 - Decibels

Belt 2 - Decibels


Final Design

Two drivetrain changes were implemented during my co-op, while two other changes have showed promise and, after more testing, may replace the current drivetrain to further reduce system noise.