Airport Jib Crane

Design a Jib Crane for use in an airport check-in setting and verify said design through static and fatigue stress analysis


Mechanical Engineering Student


3 Mechanical Engineering Students


Mechanical Design


July 2020



Checked luggage at airports must be hoisted by the passenger onto a platform for weighing, then carried by an airport employee to a conveyor belt behind the check-in desk. This lifting can be difficult or dangerous for injured, elderly, or physically small people and, over time, the repeated motion and heavy lifting can also cause strain and overuse injuries in airport employees

Airport Jib Crane (1).png


Our team devised a jib crane with an inline​ load cell to both transport the luggage and weigh it during transport. This design will cost less than $4,000, will accommodate standard luggage sizes, and can withstand up to 500,000 cycles 


Final Report