ALexander Arcasoy


Nice to meet you. I'm a Mechanical Engineer 
based in Boston.


I'm Passionate about

optimizing systems,

automating processes, and project-based learning.

Thank you for viewing my portfolio! I graduated from Northeastern University in 2021 with degrees in Mechanical Engineering (B.S.) & Engineering Management (M.S.). I currently live in Boston while working as a mechanical engineer for Advent Technologies in the automation group.


 I chose to study mechanical engineering because it is a broad field that would give me the tools to solve any problem, from medical devices at Fresenius Medical, to fitness equipment at Hydrow, to automated test and manufacturing systems at Blackstone Valley Engineering. My background in design, controls, and test & systems provides me with the skill set to develop, automate, and validate new and existing products.

My goal is to work on projects where I can apply my breadth of mechanical and programming knowledge to create or improve upon electro-mechanical systems. I value being a well-rounded engineer to apply my problem-solving skills to interdisciplinary fields. For this reason I have been developing programming and management skills beyond the classroom by incorporating them into my personal projects.

I, in fact, value being well-rounded in all aspects of my life. When I'm not working, I enjoy competitive rowing, working out, camping, cooking, photography, and taking on personal projects to learn more! Drop me a line if you have any exciting projects you'd like to collaborate on!


Racing an 8+ at US Rowing Club Nationals 2021



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